Fossil Hunting Safari: During the school holidays

School Holidays

Ammonite Stephanoceras 170m
Dates to be announced

Where from?

All the walks are from Charmouth and the meeting place is at the Cafe on the eastern beach. The cafe is the green shack on the beach  reached by crossing over the river Char on the wooden bridge. There is a large car park at Charmouth all day parking is £3.00

How long?
A fossil hunting expedition lasts about 2 hours and are (subject to the weather).

What do you need?
You do not need anything apart from good footwear and a pair of eyes (although one will do).

The Cost
The cost is £7.00 person (no charge for those under 4)

What do you do for my vast some of money?
I give a talk about the Jurassic coast illustrated with samples of what to look for. Then we proceed to go onto the beach and shoreline, to hunt out fossils.
Bring a plastic bag (small) to put your finds in. I will identify the fossils point out the other sites and I have a hammer and a pair of goggles which you can borrow.

Recent finds have included a set of Ichthyosaur vertebrea, ammonites, crinoids, belemnites and a small plastic dinosaur.