Fossil Hunting Safari: During the school holidays

School Holidays

Ammonite Stephanoceras 170m

All walks are now pre booked. The cost is £95  and that includes a group of upto 10 people or two families. The walk lasts two hours and you will find some fossils. The walk includes a free Jurassic Coast Guide. 

What do you do for my vast some of money?

I give a talk about the Jurassic coast illustrated with samples of what to look for and a Jurasic Coast guide. Then we proceed to go onto the beach and shoreline, to hunt out fossils.
Bring a plastic bag (small) to put your finds in. I will identify the fossils point out the other sites and I have a hammer and a pair of goggles which you can borrow.

Recent finds have included a set of Ichthyosaur vertebrea, ammonites, crinoids, belemnites and a small plastic dinosaur.